About Synedgen

Company Website: http://www.synedgen.com

Synedgen is a bio-pharmaceutical company committed to developing novel therapies and products that reduce infection and inflammation at dermal, oral, mucosal and ophthalmic surfaces. Synedgen is using a comprehensive approach using novel polysaccharide derivatives that minimize or treat infections by targeting sites where bacteria enter the human body and encourage healing after infection or acute and chronic damage. Synedgen was formed in 2009 through the merger of BioSTAR West LLC (Claremont, CA) and Hawaii Chitopure Inc. (Honolulu, HI). BioSTAR West was founded in 2005 to generate research and development expertise in biopolymer processing and polymer interactions with mammalian cells and bacteria. This research led to chemical modifications of a natural biopolymer and examination of the molecular interactions of these derivatives with tissue and bacterial pathogens. Synedgen is managed by an experienced team of scientists and business executives with strengths in innovation, synthetic and analytical chemistry, microbiological research, clinical research, regulatory process, product development, corporate partnering, FDA approvals and successful non-dilutive fund raising.

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