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Sales Development Representative

Full Time

Have you struggled to create software that will change the world while on a shoe string budget? In 2009, our founder, set out to create a school management platform that empowered parents, teachers, and school administrator with educational and behavioral management tools that improved education outcomes, it is called Edu Status.

During the day he worked as an independent consult and at night with small off shore development firms to build Edu Status. These companies provided cheap labor and after two failed launches, our founders wife suggested that he put together his own team and stop mentoring those offshore development firms that provided affordable resources but lacked the operational sophistication and know-how to build software that I needed. So, on that day, he decided to get out of the software mentoring business and get into the Software Engineering business by assembling high performing teams of software engineers that could imaging, design, engineer, and deliver software products that could change the world.

Today, we are a global team of strategists, designers, architects, and engineers that collaborate with customers to solve big business challenges through the creative application of design thinking and technology solutions. The Innovia Group has offices in Kathmandu Nepal and Brooklyn NY. We provide local, remote and distributed software development options to customers and offers SaaS products to the education and Not-for-profit sectors.