About Thetis Pharmaceuticals

Company Website: http://thetispharma.com

Thetis was founded in 2011 by R&D executives that held leadership positions at Pfizer in discovery, development and licensing, and business executives with extensive healthcare investment experience. Thetis uses their expertise in amino-lipid chemistry to discover and develop innovative drug products for treatment of cardio-metabolic diseases. Each of the novel Thetis candidates is based on an approved drug or previously studied, biologically active agent. They use their proprietary technology, which they refer to as their HEALER:tm: Platform, to potentially provide better pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic or physico-chemical properties and thereby enhance efficacy, tolerability, and patient convenience, and enable the use of known agents in new indications. This approach enables the development of known agents for new, previously unattainable indications and offers an approach to drug discovery and clinical development that is potentially more efficient and less expensive than conventional small molecule drug research and development. Thetis is implementing this approach to develop a robust pipeline of potential new medicines targeting major diseases including dyslipidemia and type 2 diabetes.

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