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We believe everyone should have access to better preventive care solutions. With a broken health care system, we're on a mission to change the status quo. Training Amigo just happens to be a health and wellness Software IT company. Company wellness programs don’t have to be a check in the box. It all began when we realized the need for better wellness programs in the workplace... Sure, large companies had access to corporate wellness programs, but what about small businesses? With 49.2% of the private sector workforce employed at small businesses, why were they getting left out of most wellness programs? Also, why did corporate wellness programs have to be so, well, corporate? Non-personalized software with one-size-fits-all suggestions weren’t cutting it anymore, but most of the programs out there were providing only the minimum in features, leaving their users to look for wellness coaching elsewhere. The right wellness program means healthier and happier employees We realized that for the small business professionals like you, who truly cares about their employees wellbeing and happiness, and the company’s wellbeing too, there have been no solutions that give you all the features and benefits you need to make both the higher ups happy with your choice, and the employees jump for joy over the wellness program you’ve selected. Pair that frustration with this one: 97% of the millennial workforce demand a wellness program as part of their benefits package! We understand how much pressure you’re under to figure this out! We also know if you get this right, your employees will reach higher levels of success and wellbeing. It’s a documented fact that employees who have access to great wellness programs and who care about their health are happier, more productive, and have a higher morale. Retain more employees, lower your company costs. Read rest about Training Amigo here https://www.trainingamigo.com/about

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