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Our pioneering energy technology generates clean, safe and affordable nuclear power. LET'S THINK RADICALLY DIFFERENTLY The nuclear industry of the 1950s was defined by an inexhaustible optimism and rigorous scientific thinking. Anything was possible, and nuclear energy promised to power the world. Revolutionary designs were prolific. Today, however, this technological diversity has been narrowed, and the industry has become locked into one design: the light water reactor. We’re challenging this strategy and have returned to the beginning to explore another path, and another design – the molten salt reactor. This simple reactor design, updated with modern technology and materials, has the potential to revolutionize the nuclear industry. LET’S CREATE ABUNDANT ENERGY THAT IS CLEAN, RELIABLE, AND CHEAPER THAN FOSSIL FUELS. Our reactor generates carbon-free electricity at a price that is less expensive than coal. We can replace the coal plants coming offline in the US, and serve as an alternative to new coal plants being built internationally. We are a low-cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, and we can power the world while keeping it clean. LET’S BE SAFE. The scientific genius of the molten salt reactor design is that it is inherently safe, as proven at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the 1960s. Unlike light water reactors, the design doesn’t require a constant supply of external electric power to pump water over their core to keep them from heating up catastrophically. If our reactor were to lose external electric power, and even if there were no operators on site, its fuel would drain via gravity and naturally freeze solid. In addition, our system operates at atmospheric pressure which means that there is no driving force to push the reactor material beyond the site boundary.

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