About UniKey Technologies

Company Website: http://www.unikey.com

UniKey Technologies offers a mobile platform to replace keys, codes, and passwords by turning a smartphone into a universal electronic key. It develops and offers a “touch-to-open” technology, through which a smartphone can stay in a pocket or purse to keep hands free; delivers patent-pending intelligence that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home or building before granting access to help prevent unauthorized entry; and provides multiple levels of security. The company partners with lock manufactures, including Kwikset and Weiser to create smart locks such as Kevo. Its cloud-based lock management solution enables multifamily properties to manage multiple locks for each unit. It brings leading smart lock and access control technology to address the needs of small and large commercial businesses. UniKey’s eKey systems, paired with its partners’ locks for hospitality, enable complete key management. UniKey Technologies was founded in 2010 by Phil Dumas and is based in Florida, United States.

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