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Follow Varonis on LinkedIn for the latest on big data, IT operations, security, and technology. Varonis is the foremost innovator and provider of access, governance, andretention solutions for human-generated data, the fastest-growing and mostsensitive class of digital information. Based on patented technology and ahighly accurate analytics engine, Varonis solutions give organizations totalvisibility and control over their data, ensuring that only the right users haveaccess to the right data at all times from all devices, all use is monitored, andabuse is flagged.Varonis makes digital collaboration secure, effortless and efficient so thatpeople can create and share content easily, and organizations can extractmore value from their content while being confident that it is protected andmanaged efficiently.The Varonis Metadata Framework gives organizations total visibility andcontrol over their human-generated and other unstructured data residing onfile servers, SharePoint sites, Exchange servers and NAS devices to audit dataaccess activity, fix and maintain access controls, identify sensitive data, finddata owners, involve them in access review and authorization processes, andensure that data is archived and deleted appropriately.

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