About Vetcove

Company Website: https://www.vetcove.com

Vetcove is is an eCommerce platform that lets veterinary hospitals research products, compare prices and what's in stock among vendors, and buy from one central location. It's like Kayak for veterinary hospitals to buy their pharmaceuticals, biologics, equipment, and supplies.Using Vetcove, clinics cut ordering time 50-70%, and save thousands of dollars per year by ordering the right products from the right sources. It eases many of the frustrations related to inventory management and procurement like backorders, hard-to-find items, and sourcing generic alternatives, and reduces complexity for veterinary purchasers through consolidation.Vetcove lists more than 150,000 SKUs from more than 2,100 manufacturers. Clinics can buy from all the major veterinary distributors, as well as direct from manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, and diagnostic laboratories.Here's how it works: Clinics search one unified and user-friendly catalog with all products in the entire industry. For each item in the catalog, clinics can view their clinics own'​ pricing and the stock status from each vendor, as well as promotions, historical purchase information, and community-provided insights and discussion. Clinics can also manage all of their connected vendors'​ shopping carts from one screen, and create purchase lists across vendors.In a world where consumers can easily compare pricing online, our mission is to use technology to give control back to the veterinarian. We're here to help veterinarians and their staff stay profitable and aid more patients by saving time and money procuring supplies.

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