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Virtuality.Fashion is your home for apparel virtual 3D simulation outsourcing services. We support designers, pattern makers, production centres and brand managers creating, developing, marketing and producing their fashion ideas. Virtuality.Fashion merges the intimate approach of a traditional service bureau with the power of a global network of 2D/3D Pattern Masters. In today's Fast Fashion environment, retailers move designs from catwalk quickly in order to capture current fashion trends. Three crucial differentiating factors exist within Fast Fashion consumption: Market Timing, Cost, and the Buying Cycle. Virtuality.Fashion helps you bring your designs to life faster, more accurately and cost effectively by using our Virtual 3D Simulation Services.It's simple: doesn't matter what file format you use, Adobe®, CorelDRAW®, C-DESIGN Fashion®, manual sketch, pictures or even starting from scratch. We at virtuality.fashion use a wide range of adjustable avatars and fabric parameters to best match your base-line models. We will simulate your designs or patterns fast, in 3D, so you can reduce physical prototyping cost. Obviously 3D virtualisation can be used for online marketing purposes as well. Just download C-Design® powered plugin for free and easily connect with our global team from anywhere you are.Allow our top industry experts become an extension of your Product Development and Marketing teams. Send us your sketches, photos or 2D files. We will do the rest Visit us at www.virtuality.fashion

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