About Visit.org

Company Website: http://visit.org/

Visit.org is a technology platform for curated authentic travel experiences offered by nonprofit organizations around the globe. Visitors add immersive local experiences to their existing travel itineraries. Social organizations raise awareness and revenue for their causes. Each organization offers a tour unique to its rich history, mission, expertise, and surroundings, while respecting local culture and honoring the dignity of community members. Tours usually include one or more of the following: (1) A presentation of the organization’s work (examples: a lecture given by a staff member or a community representative; a guided tour of physical surroundings). (2) Interaction with the community (examples: preparing and sharing an authentic meal; touring historic and diverse urban neighborhoods; participating in craft production with local artisans). (3) Professional workshop targeted at professionals or students who are working or training in similar fields. We are a social impact business. We collect a commission on online payments.

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