About Voray

Company Website: http://voray.com

Professional social graphs have become less than authentic. Tools enabling business development and professional networking have removed much of the authenticity and personal relationship building (unless you know every one of your LInkedIn connections personally. In this case, our company is not for you).

Voray is solving this problem by making professional networking more authentic again.

Our front end product is a sponsored and intimate gathering of curated like minded professionals - it is ordinarily one of the best networking events of their year. The back end product is the software that automates bringing the attendees and sponsors together while also tracking the value created and relationships made.

Our company is well funded and growing rapidly. We are helping people make more money, run better companies, and build authentic relationships.

We are building an important community..

Current Openings

Voray has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.