About Whistle Sports Network

Company Website: http://www.whistlesports.com

Whistle Sports has “won the hearts, minds and views of millennials sports fans,” according to AdExchanger. Whistle Sports creates, curates and delivers compelling sports content for fans and brands across multiple social, digital and TV platforms. Since its formal launch in 2014, Whistle Sports has built an active, global community with 400 of the world’s most engaging sports content creators that now encompasses over 170 million aggregate subscribers, fans and followers with a growth rate of over 2 million a week. The company’s investors and equity holders include Tegna, NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Liberty Global and Emil Capital, as well as multiple professional sports leagues.Leadership at Whistle Sports includes CEO and Founder John West, a successful entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold two companies; Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Urban, former SVP of Sports Marketing at Gatorade; CCO Bob Ciosek, with over 30 years of creative professional experience; EVP-External Brian Selander who built a management consulting company and served as CSO to a Governor; Chief Operating Officer Michael Cohen, a former investment banker and corporate strategist; EVP, Brand Partnerships Deirdre Lester, former Vice President at MLB Advanced Media; and our EVP, Business Development Laura Fortner, a professional who has held senior positions in sales and business development across industries. Named as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2015 in Video, Whistle Sports is creating an online space that millennials “can’t stop watching.”

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