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Company Website: http://www.zipari.com

Zipari. We've pioneered consumer experience technology for health insurance with the power to change an industry. Our platform offers unparalleled insights of every member touchpoint, the most accessible and comprehensive member profiles, and configurable solutions that build on your current technology. The result? Personalization for members that promotes satisfaction and motivates self-service, while driving operational efficiencies. Zipari's breakthrough technology enables the type of member relationship that insurers want and consumers seek. With native understanding of the industry and exclusivity as a sector specialist, we instinctively share our clients'‚Äč goals, aspiring to new possibilities for consumer relationships that will unlock all the potential that health insurance holds. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Zipari's primary investor is Vertical Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on investments in companies that target specific vertical markets. For more information about Zipari, please visit http://www.zipari.com.

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