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CloserIQ is the industry leader in B2B sales recruitment. Our recruiters do all the hard work of vetting, pitching, and preparing candidates so you can focus on selection.

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Oscar Insurance hired 250+ sales reps in 4 months with CloserIQ.

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Whats the potential value of meeting a sales person who performs 20% better than your current option? Quality matters when scaling the business. CloserIQ can help you decrease your time to hire and help you exceed revenue goals.

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Learn how Justworks hired a Director of BD,
4 Sales Managers, and teams of SDRs and AEs with CloserIQ.

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We work on a contingency basis with no long term commitments (but you may want to!). Compare us against your other recruiting channels and see the results for yourself. You won't find a more cost effective recruiting solution that delivers results. Guaranteed.

What employers are saying

Justworks sales jobs

Robert Lopez, VP of Sales at Justworks
Robert Lopez, VP of Sales, Justworks

CloserIQ has streamlined the recruiting process for us. It enables us to focus on the strong candidates and not waste time on those who aren't serious. I would highly recommend it.
Oscar sales jobs

Bobby Guelich, Head of Sales, Oscar Insurance
Bobby Guelich, Head of Sales, Oscar Insurance
CloserIQ has been a true partner to us. We had lofty hiring goals and the team at CloserIQ was critical in helping us meet them. From identifying the best ways to source talent to significantly reducing the time to screen applicants, they helped us streamline our hiring process while maintaining a high bar for candidate quality.
Trello sales jobs

Elizabeth Hall, VP of People at Trello
Elizabeth Hall, VP of People, Trello

CloserIQ has quickly become our go-to resource for top-quality, highly-skilled, experienced sales candidates that match our needs. Thank you!
SaleMove sales jobs

Javier Rosas, VP of Sales at Salemove
Javier Rosas, VP of Sales at Salemove
I’ve worked with several recruiting agencies and platforms in the past few years and CloserIQ has consistently introduced me to the best talent available. Their focus on tech sales talent has helped me build my team very quickly. I’ve hired SDRs, AEs, AMs and Sales Ops from CloserIQ and have been very happy with the results.
CommonBond.co sales jobs

Keryn Koch, VP of People, CommonBond.co
Keryn Koch, VP of People, CommonBond.co
My hiring managers and I continue to be incredibly impressed with the entire CloserIQ team. The quality of sales talent, professional Staff and results have been second to none. The CloserIQ team has been an incredibly effective and valuable resource. We would not have been able to scale our team without their dedication to our company and superb customer service.
Fluent City sales jobs

James Rohrbach, CEO, Fluent City
James Rohrbach, CEO, Fluent City
CloserIQ has been a great partner for us as we have grown Fluent City. They are in this for the long-haul, and as a result are very focused on being good partners over time, not just checking the box on your current search. These guys have the right vision to build something great in this space - very high service levels, strong customer alignment, patience, and building strong pipelines and processes. Highly recommend.

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