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In today's digital world, a cultural renaissance is taking form. It is no longer taboo to talk about - well, anything, especially when it comes to our personal choices. Whether its reproductive rights, depression, or plastic surgery, no topic is off limits. But why? Are we rebels without a cause, exhibitionists at heart, or just evolving into a society that truly lives up to its values, in this case, pure unadulterated freedom of expression?

We believe its the latter. Because today, we no longer wait for permission to create the lives we want. We define our beauty by how we want to feel, not what others think of us. We express it in the choices we make and we own our right to do with our bodies, our faces, our minds what we will, and when we will it. We embrace the future of beauty, one that is fluid and empowering but also cutting edge and share it with the world. Because today is our day to de-stigmatize cosmetic exploration and democratize your beauty options, so we can all realize the future of beauty together.

Welcome to The Aedit, the expert portal for beauty treatments, by the doctors and editors that matter.

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