About AisleBuyer

Company Website: http://www.aislebuyer.com

At AisleBuyer, we believe technology can make shopping easier and better than ever before. We believe you should never have to wait in line; that you should have access to the best features of online shopping without sacrificing the things you love about shopping in your favorite store. AisleBuyer puts power back into the shopper's hands. Our application isn't a move from traditional retail towards m-commerce; it is the perfect integration of the two. AisleBuyer unites the best of both channels - optimized for both consumers and businesses. With AisleBuyer, consumers gain the convenience of readily accessible product information, reviews, real-time coupons and discounts as well as the end to checkout lines. Retailers benefit through improved customer satisfaction, improved analytics, and uniquely personalized marketing. AisleBuyer dramatically improves the in-store shopping experience and helps retailers attract and retain customers. Try AisleBuyer and experience the future of retail.

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