About Arachnys

Company Website: http://www.arachnys.com

Arachnys is a technology company that simplifies the process of conducting enhanced due diligence. Our clients use us to manage their regulatory and reputation based risk in-house, going far above and beyond basic sanctions and PEP list screening.We save time and money on expensive and ineffective processes – removing the cost of outsourcing research or finding sources manually. We are the leading disruptive force in the industry, now adopted by 3 of the world’s top 10 investment banks and 4 of the world’s top 10 accountancy companies.We have data across 16,000 sources, 215 countries and 80 languages, filterable by media, corporate registries, government records, court documents and sanctions lists, with a particular focus on emerging markets, uniquely providing complete transparency into which sources we have checked and where your results have come from, focusing particularly on emerging markets, with total search customization and workflow tools to provide an unparalleled blend of quality results, complete reporting, speed and efficiency.

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