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Sunshine Heart focuses on an innovative cardiac assist therapy to treat heart patients who represent a large and under-served market segment and provide a significant opportunity for the company. Unfortunately, these Class IV patients, despite optimal drug therapy, have persistent symptoms and their options are very limited. Surgical approaches usually involve complex open-heart surgery or heart transplantation. Sunshine Heart’s C-Pulse Heart Assist System is an innovative approach to assist the heart’s function, not replace it and may be implanted using a minimally invasive approach. The C-Pulse Heart Assist System is designed to treat clinical symptoms associated with Class III and ambulatory Class IV heart failure, sometimes also referred to as moderate and severe failure. Patients associated with Class III and ambulatory Class IV heart failure are typically unable to engage in normal activities, compromising their quality of life. The C-Pulse System uses proven balloon counter-pulsation technology to assist the heart by reducing the workload of the left ventricle. During inflation of the balloon, blood flow is increased to the coronary arteries, thereby providing additional oxygen which is vital to a failing heart. During deflation, the workload, or pumping required by the left heart is reduced. The balloon inflation and deflation is synchronized to the patient’s heartbeat, similar to a pacemaker. Potential benefits of the technology are relief of shortness of breath, increased physical activity, improved cardiac function, enhanced mobility and improved quality of life. Physicians have commented that patients experience some of these benefits almost immediately after device placement.

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