About ClearSlide

Company Website: https://www.clearslide.com

ClearSlide makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to find the best content, effectively communicate it whether in-person, on the phone or through email, and get insights into exactly how customers engage. At the end of the day, we help sales and marketing teams make every interaction count and create truly amazing customer experiences. ClearSlide is the system of engagement for sales, marketing & services teams that makes every customer interaction more successful. For managers and leaders, ClearSlide provides engagement dashboards to improve deal visibility, coaching, and stronger forecasting. For content users and creators, ClearSlide makes it easy to organize and recommend content tailored by sales stage, with next-step interaction suggestions. For reps, ClearSlide intuitively delivers content, communications, and real-time analytics in a single, unified Sales Engagement Platform experience. ClearSlide is a division of Corel, one of the world's top software companies, offering respected and well-known brands including CorelDRAW, Parallels, MindManager, ClearSlide, Pinnacle, and WinZip. Across its entire portfolio, Corel’s products give today’s knowledge workers the tools they need to achieve new levels of creativity, productivity, and success.

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