About Datahug

Company Website: http://www.datahug.com

Datahug is a collaborative forecasting and pipeline management solution, built in Salesforce, that enables sales teams to increase sales velocity and reduce pipeline risk. Our solution gives sales managers deep visibility into the sales pipeline while reducing the burden on salespeople to update CRM. The old way of managing the pipeline with activity tracking and complex sales methodologies puts a heavy burden on salespeople, creates blind spots for managers and wastes hours of time that would be better spent selling or coaching. Datahug captures and analyzes all of your sales activity automatically from email, calendar and CRM, providing you with deal level visibility, more time for coaching, less burden on sales reps and more accurate forecasts in a solution that has zero barriers to adoption. Leading companies like Optimizely, Coupa, Instructure, Lyft and Nitro use Datahug to forecast with 95% accuracy and increase win rates by an average of 21%.

Current Openings

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