About Ecovent

Company Website: https://www.ecoventsystems.com

Most homes have only one thermostat, so they operate like a house with only one light switch. Everything is either all on or off. That leaves some rooms boiling hot while others are freezing cold. It also leads to heating and cooling empty rooms. It’s uncomfortable, and it’s inefficient. Ecovent fixes that for the over 200 million Americans with forced air heating and cooling systems. We’ve built a system of wireless vents and sensors which enables homeowners to: (i) Get room-by-room temperature control, (b) save energy by automatically directing airflow to the rooms that need it most, (c) choose custom temperature levels for different floors, rooms, or times of day, (d) control home heating and cooling anywhere from a mobile phone, tablet or web app and (e) install the whole system hours without special tools or invasive construction.

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