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Company Website: http://enevolv.com

There is an increasing need for critical resources such as energy, food, and medicine due to population growth and a global increase in economic prosperity. enEvolv is advancing bioengineering to develop cost effective and sustainable solutions to address this growing demand. enEvolv engineers and licenses microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, yeast, and algae) to produce chemicals, enzymes, and small molecules for variety of industries including specialty chemicals, food, energy, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. enEvolv collaborates with companies to engineer novel microorganisms. We also improve existing strains to increase production yield and product quality. By accelerating and focusing evolution to precisely edit the genome of living cells, enEvolv offers substantial advantage in speed, cost, and cell engineering capabilities. enEvolv’s proprietary genome engineering platform is built on Multiplex Automated Genome Engineering (MAGE), developed at Harvard by our co-founders, George Church and Farren Isaacs.

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