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Company Website: https://enerknol.com

EnerKnol is an innovative energy policy data and analytics company, conceived to solve the vast market need for real-time access to the critical regulatory information required to make decisions in the energy industry, from fossil fuels, to power & utilities, environmental commodities, renewables, and beyond. Our core product suite is the EnerKnol Platform, the first website to empower market participants with comprehensive access to federal, state, and local energy policy information, in real-time. EnerKnol's proprietary algorithms parse millions of regulatory documents, identify those pertinent for individual energy businesses, and equip our customers with refined, actionable data to enable confident decision making. EnerKnol enables business leaders across the energy spectrum to access and track the regulatory information they need to advance in today’s transformative energy market. And while enterprise software is our primary vehicle, EnerKnol Platform is backed by deep industry intelligence – the key ingredient that fuels our technology and empowers our mission. Our team of policy market analysts keep the world informed through our flagship publication, EnerKnol Research, providing our subscribers with deeper insights into the market impacts of regulatory changes. EnerKnol is also the proud creator of New York Energy Week https://nyenergyweek.com

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