About Flyr

Company Website: http://flyrlabs.com

The process of booking airfares has previously meant confusion, uncertainty, and hassle. That all ends with FLYR. While many can tell you what already happened, FLYR tells you what will happen. We forecast future fare volatility through complex data analysis, helping you build tools to extract signal from a world of noise. FLYR was founded because erratic changes in airfares have long added an element of frustration that no traveler should ever have to deal with. Travel advice is everywhere, but only seems to speak in very general terms — there has never been a way to address each traveler's specific needs accurately, and on a large scale. Through the lens of statistics and complex data analysis, we see the core of why and how prices move. With the help of modern software engineering, we bring the technology up to breathtaking speed and capability. FLYR is reinventing the way we plan for travel — we're enabling innovation, for one traveler at a time.

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