About GroupVisual.io

Company Website: http://groupvisual.io

GroupVisual.io's reputation has been built around our unique expertise in the design of rich, dynamic, data-driven user experiences. Our team, processes, methodology and deliverables have been specifically developed around bringing complex business needs and processes together with complex data through a user interface. Our clients include large enterprises, for whom we build custom business reporting, dashboards and analytics applications typically sitting on top of data warehouses and BI implementations. We also work with technology and software companies for whom we design new UI and navigation frameworks around complex data and workflows and develop reporting and analytics modules. We have worked with some of the largest software and SaaS vendors to help shape the next generation of software experience. Multidisciplinary teams are critical to executing this type of left and right-brained visualization work. From our extensive experience, we have developed the processes and organizational model to seamlessly bring together the skillsets of business analysts, graphic designers, interaction designers, database architects and business strategists. Visual i|o was rebranded as GroupVisual.io in 2010 after the founding management team bought out the company's investors. Visual i|o was founded in 1999.

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