About Leap

Company Website: http://www.leapeasy.com

Leap provides rent default insurance on rentals in the greater New York area, making sought-after apartments accessible to students, young professionals, ex-pats, and many more. Finding an apartment in New York is difficult enough without the added headache of meeting the strict financial requirements set out by landlords. Leap helps by acting as a co-signer on apartment leases; replacing hefty up-front costs and large cash deposits with a small, one-time payment that gives renters the power to apartment shop without bothering parents to act as a co-signer. With Leap, renters gain greater access to the apartment of their dreams and landlords gain a larger pool of potential tenants with default risk covered by a global insurer.

Having just completed a seed round of venture financing in February 2018, Leap is now engaged in the search for talented staff in business development, consumer underwriting, marketing, and operations. If working for a fintech startup in the fast-paced environment of New York City appeals to you, then take the leap and join our team!

Current Openings

Leap has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.