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Account Executive (old)

Greater New York City Area Full Time

mag+ is a digital publishing platform for creating and distributing content apps to where your audience is: on 1 billion+ mobile devices in the world. With over 1,900 brands in 80 countries worldwide and 23.01 million app downloads, we remain to be the first, the fastest, and the simplest publishing platform for creating custom mobile apps. We give you the tools to produce custom-designed and touchscreen-native documents, issues, news items, real-time notifications, in-app messaging, and web content. Our platform allows you to create engaging mobile experiences with robust features, strong security, and efficient production, all at a fraction of the cost of custom development. Use our tools to: + Turn a product guide into an interactive tablet app + Improve internal communications with a privately distributed smartphone app + Create a branded touchscreen magazine + Build engaging sales presentations + Design mobile training materials + Enhance event brochures and sales catalogues

Job Description

We are looking for an Account Executive to drive territory sales of the Mag+ digital publishing platform, a state of the art suite for publishing content on touchscreen tablets. The right candidate can sell the benefits of various product components ranging from creative tools and an app framework, to a full publishing ecosystem.


  • Execute territory-based sales strategy; prioritize targets within market verticals
  • Design contact strategy and open new accounts with accelerated sales
  • Meet monthly, quarterly, and annual sales goals
  • Represent Mag+ at leading tech, design and publishing conferences
  • Continuously improve the sales process


  • 3 - 5 Years of quota carrying experience
  • Track record of over achieving quota and earnings over 100k
  • Experience closing complex sales cycles in a consultative manner
  • Direct and new business sales experience
    4 year university degree preferred


  • Base Salary: $50,000 - $95,000
  • On Target Earnings: $90,000 - $180,000