About OncoSec Medical

Company Website: http://oncosec.com

OncoSec Medical Incorporated (OTCBB: ONCS) is an advanced-stage biomedical company focused on the development of novel therapeutic oncology products. Our mission, above all, is to improve the quality and performance of treatments for patients suffering from solid tumor cancers. This is driven by our unwavering commitment to improving the quality of lives of cancer patients through the use of innovative research and the advancement of new “ElectroOncology” therapies based on our proprietary OncoSec Medical System (OMS). OncSec’s core technology is an untapped delivery system, which applies short electric impulses to a tumor causing transient pores to open in the cellular membrane allowing therapeutic agents to more readily enter cancer cells. This process is known as OMS Electroporation. Using OMS Electroporation in tandem with chemotherapeutic or biologic agents can selectively and effectively treat cancerous tumors and cells embedded amongst predominantly healthy tissue. Our treatment approach also reduces and even eliminates much of the detrimental outcomes associated with other “standard of care” therapies readily available in the clinic today.

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