About RallyPoint

Company Website: http://www.rallypoint.com

Rallypoint built and operated the first connected TV software platform in 2008 and secured key partnerships with Samsung, Trident Microsystems, Razorfish and Best Buy. The Rallypoint user experience was an advanced interface and TV Apps storefron that delivered fantasy sports, Facebook, text message, and Twitter directly to the connected TV. Rallypoint also developed a targeted advertising platform so that advertisers could target specific demographics and app users. Rallypoint developed key distribution relationships with Samsung, Sharp, LG, Sony and Vizio at a time when "app stores" were non-existent. Rallypoint raised $2m from angels and small VCs over the 2006-2009 time period and was sold to Jason Glickman, founder of Tremor Video, in 2011.

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