About Sample6

Company Website: http://www.sample6.com

Enrichment-free diagnostics for up to 10x faster results. Sample6 is the worlds first synthetic-biology based bacteria diagnostic system capable of enrichment-free detection. Our technology detects as low as 1CFU/ml in just 4 hours. Our proprietary Bioillumination Platform was developed by Professor Tim Lu (MIT) and Dr. Michael Koeris in the lab of Professor James Collins at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Boston University. The platform allows for the engineering of bioparticles that target and “light up” specific unwanted bacteria—or specific groups of bacterial species. We couple this capability with highly sensitive sensor technology that detects low levels of pathogens to see results in minutes—right on-site—with no laboratory required. Sample6′s mission is to improve the health and safety of global consumers by building integrated systems that quickly and easily detect harmful and unwanted bacteria. We see applications in food production, retailing, healthcare and beyond—anywhere humans and bacteria intersect.

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