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Company Website: http://www.sharingbox.com

sharingbox was founded in Belgium and has since then expanded over to 21 countries becoming the market leader for digital photobooths in Western Europe. sharingbox is a trusted international brand working with the world leading companies and illuminating all kind of events.

A MUST HAVE MARKETING TOOL The sharingbox was custom designed for the smoothest user experience possible. As an announcer, it helps you engage with your audience. As a marketer, it is a novel way for you to collect datas and smiles at the same time for your client!

THE PERFECT PARTYBOX Planning a wedding, a birthday party or a cocktail and looking for that perfect animation that will make your night unforgettable? The sharingbox holds up to 10 people on each photo ! Its intuitive interface entertains and rekindles the craziness hidden within your guests. It captures their most genuine smiles, their most natural poses and sets them in stone within seconds with instant printing.

OUR PRODUCTS The sharingbox Original First model designed by the brand, this model has a large branding space thank to its customizable panels and its tactile screen. Perfect solution to increase on-site visibility !

The sharingbox Mini This compact model has a reduced footprint. Perfect for private or in-store event that have a small area available.

The sharingbox Maxi As the name suggests, the sharingbox Maxi will take you to the max. Perfect for promoting your brand, it will give you the maximum branding space possible and up to 1000 prints.

The sharingbox Mobile 100% wireless and portable, the Mobile is made for outdoor events and tight space conditions. It will engage your customers in a one-of-kind brand experience.

The sharingbox Cabin Fully customizable enclosed booth, the Cabin will let your guests have fun in privacy, all the while giving you a peek inside the box via the screen on the outside.

The sharingbox Spin This model captures the same moment from different angles to create a unique three dimensional GIF experience. Users can take their own shot (with a remote) placing themselves at the heart of the action.

The sharingbox Media Designed for long-term or permanent installations; the Media can be hung on a wall or set on a stand. It takes up very little space, and offers plenty of space for exterior branding. The photobooth does not come with an integrated printer, but can have an exterior printing station if necessary.

The sharingbox Ring All of sharingboxs technology in a smaller and cuter booth. Smaller footprint, no-printing, super portable and designed for animated GIF activations.

MORE THAN A PHOTOBOOTH sharingbox is more than a photobooth : it is a state of the art marketing tool, a true brand, an international distributor networks and a reliable partner.

We pay as much attention to the development of our hardware than our software. Both poles are engineered, created and developed internally resulting in our proprietary technology - we only work with what we create. Our booths are designed and manufactured in Belgium using the finest and most robust materials.

sharingbox is more than a photobooth, it is an experience to be lived!

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