About Shortlist

Company Website: https://shortlist.co

Shortlist is a smart, user-friendly Freelancer Management System (FMS). We make it easy for small and large companies to onboard, manage and pay external workers in over 200 countries with just a few clicks. Take care of compliance, reporting, and project management in a fraction of the time. From small start-ups to the world's biggest brands, Shortlist is a complete solution providing powerful features and flexibility for every stage of business growth. The workforce of tomorrow is already here today! Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 50% of the workforce will be comprised of external workers including freelancers, contractors and vendors. This means more companies will rely on external partners, contractors and vendors to be successful. Shortlist is a SaaS offering for the Gig Economy. Shortlist helps companies find and manage their complete external workforce (freelancers, contractors and vendors) by providing a single platform to source, on-board, manage, review/rate and pay them.

Current Openings

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