About Soko

Company Website: http://shopsoko.com

Consumers are now demanding more for their dollar, they want to support the brands that represent their values, without compromising on price and quality; catalyzing the emergence of boutique brands, catering to a niche customer. Soko is well positioned as a platform with a network of over 2100 producers to help commoditize manufacturing for these emerging boutique designers and brands across the retail sector. Soko is an ethical manufacturing platform, supporting right-size manufacturing from developing economies. With our tech-enabled, distributed manufacturing model we have been able to demonstrate the quality, speed, pricing, and volumes that make Soko's model a disruptive offering. We have proven demand for our ethical jewelry, home goods and leather goods through the diverse customers of the Soko Brand; selling direct to customers in over 45 countries globally and to large retailers including Nordstrom, Fossil, & StitchFix. With the recent expansion of our Private Label offering, numerous brands including Target and QVC are now excited to put Soko's innovative manufacturing model to work for them. Soko is fundraising to support the growth of our B2B Private Label business and scale our supplier networks to global reach.

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