About Streamroot

Company Website: http://www.streamroot.io

Streamroot next-generation HTML5 video optimization technology helps broadcasters deliver lightning-fast streams to a global audience. Its state-of-the-art hybrid delivery solution combines the best of a controlled, centralized network with the resilience and scalability of a widely distributed delivery architecture. Streamroot works by creating a secure and coordinated mesh network of viewers watching the same content at the same time, providing video segments from the source that can provide them most quickly and thereby diminishing stress on saturated servers. With Streamroot, content providers can reach their audiences more efficiently, ensure better quality of service, and naturally scale to increasing demand across the world. Streamroot is CDN and DRM agnostic, plugin-free for viewers and integrates seamlessly into broadcasters’ existing workflows. It is available for live streams and video on-demand, and is compatible with a variety of packaging services, HTML5 video players and HTTP streaming formats.Founded in 2013 in France, the company participated in the Techstars Boston accelerator and today benefits from European and US-based venture capital funding. It serves premier media groups such as Eurosport from its Paris and New York offices. For direct access to our services, sign up on our portal at dashboard.streamroot.io. For more information, visit www.streamroot.io or drop us a line at contact@streamroot.io.

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