About StyleSage

Company Website: http://www.stylesage.co

A data analytics tool built by and for the fashion industry. We deliver the competitive data that drives changes across these four key business areas:1. Pricing: Competitive benchmarking that optimizes your market positioning and maximizes your margins.2. Assortment: Build winning product ranges with customized views, drilling down from the category to the design attribute-level.3. Promotions: Design effective promotional strategies with aggregated views of competitor’s activities.4. Trends: Gain first insight into where and what items are emerging with our proprietary trend surfacing dashboard.See how: http://stylesage.co/productWith our proprietary machine learning algorithms and technology, we collect, analyze and visualize eCommerce activity across 1000 retailers, 53,000 brands, and 100M products in over 100 countries. StyleSage's global clients collectively represent over $20 billion of business in the apparel market. StyleSage was profiled as a top innovator by Glamour Magazine, W Magazine, Vogue, The Financial Times and The Economist and was recently part of Techstars, the number 1 technology accelerator in the world.

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