About The Expert Institute

Company Website: http://theexpertinstitute.com

We are the fastest growing service platform for matching and directly connecting professional firms to specialty practitioners, industry thought leaders, and academics.

Established in 2010, the initial focus was on designing a platform able to aggregate and filter today’s unprecedented amount of publicly available professional information to maintain a detailed "live" record for each active expert in our system. As a result this allows us to quickly match your individual requirements with the most qualified and relevant expert.

Today our network consists of leading global industry executives, senior managers, operational and product experts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and professionals across all industries.

When you contact us with a request for an expert, one of our client support specialists will work with you directly to fully understand your needs and to ensure a successful match every time.

The experts that we connect you with can provide you with the following services:

Phone Consultations

Legal Case Reviews

Affidavits and Certificates of Merit

Depositions and Trial Appearances

Surveys and Polls

Custom Research Reports

Investment Due Diligence

Current Openings

The Expert Institute has no jobs listed. Checkout our job board for opportunities at top VC-backed startups.