About Tile

Company Website: https://www.thetileapp.com

Tile's smart location device, app and network reduce loss and stress, and increase productivity. On average, people lose 10 minutes every day looking for things they’ve misplaced. That’s 60 hours per year per person. Tile's smart location devices connect to almost anything—purses, keys, wallets, bikes, backpacks. If you misplace a Tiled item or want to know where it is, the smartphone app will ring your Tile loudly enough for you to hear it, as well as show you on a map where it was last seen. If it is farther away, the Tile community can help. Anyone passing by your Tile while running the Tile app will anonymously send its location to Tile. As more people join the Tile community, the service gets better and better. Tile’s community currently reaches 200 countries and locates more than half a million items per day.

Current Openings

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