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OK, you’re miles away from home on a business trip or exotic vacation and the unexpected happens. You get sick. And depending on the nature of your illness, this could be anything from a nuisance to life-threatening situation. No one knows this better than Marcel Muenster when, in 2009, Marcel’s dream vacation turned into this very nightmare after eating a single piece of moldy fruit in Hong Kong. Then a physician at Johns Hopkins, Muenster knew he had food poisoning, but was frustrated by his inability to access quality medical care while he was traveling in a new country. Muenster wasn’t alone in his condition and frustration. Over 50 million people travel to less developed countries every year and 64% of these travelers have an existing health impairment. And 16% of them seek medical care while they are abroad. Along with the language barrier, the reasons for this are easy to understand. Travelers don’t know what to do, where to go, who to see, or who to trust — whether they need to see a doctor for a chronic condition or a sudden illness. TraveDoc's Doctor in Your Pocket offers medical travel insurance, medical travel assistants, and doctors you can see in their offices; in your home, school, or office; or online 24/7. The TraveDoc network offers the world’s most-trusted US- and EU-board-certified doctors and specialists who speak your language. Never travel alone. --Forbes' John Nosta "A Digital Health Solution For Travelers: Keep A Doctor In Your Pocket" (http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnnosta/2013/07/17/a-digital-health-solution-for-travelers-keep-a-doctor-in-your-pocket/) --TechCrunch's Evan Fleischer "TraveDoc, A Healthcare App For Travelers, Will Expand To The Middle East And South Asia" (http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/06/travedoc-an-uber-for-health-to-expand-to-the-middle-east-and-south-asia/)

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