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Full Time helps brand marketers make sense of all the user generated video content on social media and web, and leverage video intelligence for product brand marketing. The product solution is a cross platform artificial intelligence powered user generated video analytics, video licensing and video content marketing platform, that can be leveraged across an enterprise from digital marketing, PR to product teams. Vyrill's higher mission is to help brand marketers drive more product activation and sales with video marketing. Vyrill was selected as the "2017 The Next Big Thing"‚Äč startup competition winner at NYAdtech conference on 2nd Nov, 2017. Marketers are drowning in user generated video content across web and social media. Vyrill analyzes video text, sound and moving images to offer video insights, brand safe content and integration. Vyrill increases product activation by up to 78%, saves marketers up to 90% in time and $$ with analyzing videos to deliver actionable insights, and reduces the costs of new content creation by 80% by helping leverage the most impactful user generated video content. Vyrill is based out of San Francisco, CA.