About Wrappup

Company Website: http://www.wrappup.ai

Wrappup uses smart voice recording to summarize meeting discussions and make speech searchable.

During meetings, users tag important moments that compile into a summary of playable minutes-of-meeting. These are then shared to teams, accessible from anywhere on the cloud.

Wrappup builds-in powerful search-ability for easy reference and review. Participants can search for 'keywords" across meetings and the app will pinpoint the exact moments where those words were spoken. In addition, similar to thumb-print technology, Wrappup can identify who is speaking throughout a meeting based on their "voice-print". Meeting memory has never been so powerful.

Wrappup leverages speech data to create productivity metrics on individuals & meetings. Using its speaker recognition, it accurately measures who is speaking the most in meetings and by topic. It can quantify that when Stan speaks, he leads to actions on average every 7min. It even understands which topics are taking over the discussion.

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